Hairamedics is located at Sola Salons in La Jolla, Ca.
Walk-ins: 5726 La Jolla Boulevard, Studio 114, La Jolla, CA 92037
Appointments: Call or text 619.278.1120

“It’s not about having people notice your hair color, it’s about having people notice you and revealing your most flattering tones by taking your eye color, face shape, contours, and personal style into consideration. With this, we bring your beauty to the surface.”

Molly Mikesell, founder and director of Hairamedics, has been in pursuit of enhancing women’s confidence and success through expert hair color and styling for nearly two decades.  When combined with solid fundamental values and inner-strength, Molly believes that great hair is vital to a woman’s positive self-image.

In 1997, under the tutelage of world-renowned colorists, Tommy Aucoin and Tanner, and Sonya and Christopher Dove, Molly developed sophisticated color techniques that won her awards and sought-after positions with top lines.   Accordingly, she became a certified national color educator for elite brands including Rusk, Wella International and Paul Mitchell, where she trained beauty professionals nationwide.

Following her passion for color, Molly now leads her own team of Hairamedics—experts in hair color and color correction, located in La Jolla, California.  Her refined aesthetic and technical savvy has attracted long-term contracts with beautiful, successful women from New York to California, including international Playboy Playmates, the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders, and most recently, Broadway performer Anna DeVere Smith.

Because of her strong belief that great hair contributes to a woman’s positive self-image, Molly spends her days off volunteering her services at battered women’s shelters to help victims of domestic violence rebuild their careers and self-esteem.  She also donates her time to help less fortunate high school girls prepare for fulfilling and independent futures.

Ms. Mikesell believes that every woman has their unique color palette and incorporates her expertise to identify a color and style that will magnify your natural beauty.  Although versed in the latest, cutting-edge techniques, Molly’s clientele tend to be women who simply want to radiate timeless beauty with brilliant hair color and polished cuts.

For more information, or to receive a complimentary consultation, email or phone Molly Mikesell at (619) 278-1120.

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    7/20/11 - Hairamedics Announces Mobile Color Correction Service Hair disaster? Need a house call? A Hairamedic will come to you.  Call (619) 278-1120